Dome houses  have existed since ages in almost every part of the world. Even there is very rational assumptions why to build a dome house, even today you will not find so many of them. Many people dream of living in a such house or even to spend a night. Round houses are implementation of architect’s dreams. But unfortunately there not so many customers for this idea. Even though there are many bright examples of interesting round houses that we will try to present to you in order to bring idea across.

Our guests will have a unique experience enjoying relaxing atmosphere and panoramic views up to the horizon and back. Beyond the time is our concept to enjoy and bring some emotions home.

During the program of Dome house stories we will give you an insight about the dome houses and round houses around the globe. And we will tell you the stories and show pictures how we build our dome house.

We will please our guests with coffee/tee, little snacks and testing of homemade wine.

We welcome individual travels and tourist groups as our inside and open air facilities can accommodate many quests.

The minimum order is 80 EUR. The program will last about 1 – 1,5 hours but you will be able to enjoy yourself in our facilities up to 2 hours.

Entrance fee for one person is 10 EUR.

Tasting of homemade wines and snacks 10 EUR.

Kid’s entrance fee 5 EUR.

Program can be held in ENG and RU languages.