Beyond the time is the territory of 4 hectares divided into 4 different areas where you will be able to live out your story of nature and human interaction. We hope each our guest will explore untouchable energies and senses what offers us nature and constructs the human mind beyond the time…

The first section is wood with spore plants, pines, spruce trees, bilberry bushes, magic 8 oak circle and circle of asps. Here you can appeal the trees for the energy thinking for good. Oak will give you clear thoughts. Asps will clear negative energy but pine helps to disperse worry and doubts. All of them will charge you with energy.

The second section is devoted for parties, swimming, chilling in hammocks. There you will find a fireplace for late night talks and sausage barbecuing. This is our vision how natural landscape and disorder of wood could be adjusted to human needs and understanding for place where to celebrate life.

The third part belongs to the birds and animals. It is their territory where they can feel undisturbed. We keep slopes full of healthy grass for green morning smoothies. This is a place for silence just step away where to take a walk.

The forth section is almost untouched little wild nature where to pick mushrooms and red bilberries.