Have you ever experienced event in the dome house? We assume not! Publicly available dome houses you can find very seldom. Therefore we are open for you and your ideas how you would like to held your event.

Summer as usually is the best time when to explore house and the grounds. Time when we can host several hundreds of people. Then you can use park for outdoor activities, our big terrace and pergola between the ponds. It is chilly in the terrace when outside is + 30C and cozy when its raining. It’s nice to enjoy the coffee or snacks served in pergola. If you are thinking about large event, please note that we can park around 80 cars.

When it’s time for indoors events, our capacity vary on the event’s format. Our hall on the 1st floor can locate up to 50 people. Our heated terrace can locate 100 + guests in theater format. If you want to have seated party with dancing 60 will be optimum.

It’s absolutely luxury to have seminar or dinner for even for 10 people.

During season we serve meals prepared from ingredients grown in our garden.
We serve coffee breaks, lunch and dinner depending on event format. Sometimes we serve coffee breaks in Miro room.

Our Miro room is as accurate as his perception how the day should be organized – clear lines, less is more. We hope you will feel there asi n front of painting that’ s placed out of the window where you see wondering Picasso  – Miro’ s mentor in Paris period of his life.

Work was everything for Miro. His purpose was not monetary but the wish to gain more audience for his art. Even routine and very perfect time schedule for everything during the day, Miro was constantly looking to innovation all the time. He did not identify himself as surrealist but as person who’s art expression is what he sees and feels.

Dome house is also about celebrations and small concerts.
Summer is the best time for weddings – celebration or just the ceremony or photo shoot.