All rooms Beyond the Time are a story about us we tell through inspiring people. We see reflection of small features, angles of our character and our dreams in their lives and works. Welcome Beyond the Time to experience our world!


Boho inspiration comes from 6oties and 70ties, hippie time representing it’s fashion and way of thinking. Sienna Miller appearance in boho style dress at the Glastonbury festival marked revival of the style.  Since that time boho style has experienced its ups and downs but lately it has secured its presence in interior design.

Our boho room is something from Morocco boho, something from chick and art meant to experience joy of life in hammock together with a good book. May be it’s your time to put together a puzzle of tomorrow at the big table. Be here and now!


Salvador Dali is one of the most inspiring surrealist who’s thoughts and hallucinations opened a new era in history of art.  Life as the best form of art for Dali became something what we call nowadays as brand. Dali performances, expressions, style changed art as it was never before.

In our room who’s design is inspired by Dali and his artworks we would like our guests experience something like being an object in Dali paintings. Or just feeling an energy that comes out of artworks using colors, textures and personality of Dali. This room has the best view to the pond and horizon where dreams do not have a place to stop.


Pop Art emerged in Britain and United States in 50ties. It is seen as protest to existing high culture and post war consumer boom. By creating paintings and sculptures artists tried to blur boundaries between high art and low culture. Simple everyday commercialization, media boom commodified status of the goods represented to the status of art itself.
We welcome dogs Beyond the Time

We will be pleased to welcome well behaved dogs over the age of 12 months. Keeping responsibility towards the guests of the Guest house, we assume that owners take full responsibility of all dog necessary vaccination and it is in force.

We allow only one owners pet (-s) at the same time in our house. Therefore please send us request if you would like to arrive with dog.

We are dog lovers. We have raised different dog breeds with various characters and experienced a lot of joy what every animal can bring. We will appreciate if you would respect the house rules where dogs do not sleep in the bed and coaches, but are welcome to run without the leash if none of other guests are around.

We will provide a bowl for your dog.

Cost for dog accommodation is 20 EUR.