Cultural tip for Latvia No 4. Unique museums and attractions

Each country has many interesting museums that are important for memorizing its history and culture. In general they do not differ a lot from each other in one region. If you have been to one open - air museum in Baltic countries - it is enough because other will be very similar.   I am also quite skeptical about local museums that reflect history of the region. They are important for us but not foreigners. Besides the green forests, silent beaches and 1000 ways how the spend the great time in Latvia I would like to point out several museums and attractions that would be interesting for foreign audience.


Cultural tip for Latvia No 3. Art museums & exhibitions

The first and main art museum you should visit is Latvian National Museum of Art. Recently renovated this museum is a good sample of modern museum that exhibit as much about the past as for nowadays art. The building itself is gorgeous and worth to see. During summer do not forget to visit roof terrace. It has wonderful views of the city.   You can use free audio guide (application) to get a better understanding of the artists and paintings. From one hand you get an idea of the 25 main pillars of Latvian art but from other, this guide will make you run through the different halls without telling about all paintings. Be ready to walk through all halls again to see the rest of collection. But if you really interested in art, the price for guided tours that equals 6 cups of coffee is definitely worth it.


Cultural tip for Latvia No 2 . Classical & Pop music events.

Whatever is your taste, Latvia cultural life has much to offer.


Cultural tip for Latvia No1. Food and drinks

Latvians say that love goes through the stomach. It is true because food and nowadays also drinks are very important part of our culture that changes, develops and sometimes rediscovers its forgotten roots.


How much time you need for visit to Latvia?

This will be short introduction what you are able to experience while visiting Latvia. Most probably your vacation will be too short to see everything that is worth therefore we will be pleased to welcome you again after some time.


Dome house Beyond the Time. The story how it began.

Beyond the Time is the translation of the name of place Ārpus laika. The idea of building the dome house came in the very end of year 2014 that provoked us immediate action that resulted in purchase of the land where the houses are located. Inspired by round houses in the world, we worked on idea what fits us the most. We definitely new that main building material will be wood. Therefore we elaborated on two versions – geodesic house or dome house. Geodesic house seemed in a way inappropriate for Baltic weather conditions due to difficult heat insulation therefore we choose dome house type of the round house. Our idea was to build house for us and continue to do it for sale.