How much time you need for visit to Latvia?

This will be short introduction what you are able to experience while visiting Latvia. Most probably your vacation will be too short to see everything that is worth therefore we will be pleased to welcome you again after some time.

Baltic sea

Latvia has really a lot to offer for tourist. We can differentiate several options how you could discover Latvia. The most popular is city based option – you visit the big pillars of tourism Riga, Sigulda, Liepāja, Kuldīga, Ventspils, Daugavpils. Cities where you will find enough different entertainment for a couple of days at least. Just go to the city, visit Tourism information center and no worries – you will spend a great time.


Another option is take regional principle and travel step by step visiting rural towns, museums and different attractions on the road. Here you will need some local advice what would fit the most to your interests or you have to make a good homework before coming to Latvia. This will help you to understand how many days you will need and bake bookings accordingly.


Third option would be focus on something particular – food & drinks, cultural events, spa and recreation or some other particular interest.

burkānciema siers

For food and drinks you will find many different samplings of beer, wine, cheese or other local products. Small local farms and breweries are open for visitors on appointment.


It will be difficult to find any other country with million inhabitants who have so many cultural events. During summer you just have to choose from dozens of options – music festivals, concerts, city festivals, sports events etc.

If you are fan of nature and recreation there are plenty choices – you can rent a house by the sea and enjoy the silence, you can choose B&B with excellent service and sauna rituals or you can visit hotel in Jūrmala or other place for professional treatments.

How much time will you need to experience local flavor – starting from 3 days for warming up the nose if you are short of time, one week to get an idea what is Latvia, 10days + to go home with plenty memories  and new experiences.

This all above is very short introduction how to think and plan your trip to Latvia. In further blog posts I will discuss and give more tips on each option.