Dome house Beyond the Time. The story how it began.

Beyond the Time is the translation of the name of place Ārpus laika. The idea of building the dome house came in the very end of year 2014 that provoked us immediate action that resulted in purchase of the land where the houses are located. Inspired by round houses in the world, we worked on idea what fits us the most. We definitely new that main building material will be wood. Therefore we elaborated on two versions – geodesic house or dome house. Geodesic house seemed in a way inappropriate for Baltic weather conditions due to difficult heat insulation therefore we choose dome house type of the round house. Our idea was to build house for us and continue to do it for sale.

Being so excited by the idea in May 2015 we did the first prototype of the dome house. We even managed to snow it to public in two big open – air fairs for gardeners and the biggest fair in Latvia that takes place in Latvian National Ethnographic Museum. The most popular reference we got was – very interesting but first we have to try how is it to live in a round house before we evaluate probability to buy one.

dome house prototype


Dome houses are very unique to Latvia, even few of them you can find somewhere hidden, idea is very new and unexplored.

We even have joke – when mother in law wants to move in the new family house saying – you will find a corner for me to settle, new husband answers – no I do not have a single corner in my house. Unfortunately :).

The feedback we got during fair was very important that led us to the decision where we are now – we have to make dome house open to public to live there and try in order to become ambassadors of the dome house in Latvia. So, here we are – building B&B for everyone to experience living in the dome house.