Cultural tip for Latvia No 4. Unique museums and attractions

Each country has many interesting museums that are important for memorizing its history and culture. In general they do not differ a lot from each other in one region. If you have been to one open – air museum in Baltic countries – it is enough because other will be very similar.   I am also quite skeptical about local museums that reflect history of the region. They are important for us but not foreigners. Besides the green forests, silent beaches and 1000 ways how the spend the great time in Latvia I would like to point out several museums and attractions that would be interesting for foreign audience.

Riga Motor Museum

The museum showcases more than a hundred unique antique vehicles and the collection is enriched with several significant acquisitions.


world’s automotive history.

This museum is not just about the cars, buses and motorbikes, the museum itself is like an exciting experience. One of my favorite attractions is bus ride to the wedding. It is improvised short film how people during Soviet time were driven to wedding party. I will not reveal all the secrets of the museum but I would like to encourage you that Riga Motor Museum is worth to visit for any age and gender visitor.

The KGB Building “The Corner house”(Riga)

This very sad and emotionally difficult place for those whose nations have experienced totalitarian regimes.

The Museum offer guided tours of the basement prison cells and exhibition about the history of KGB activities in Latvia during Soviet occupation.

Aerodium (Sigulda)

It is extremely fun experience of flying in wind tunnel. It will take approximately an hour to prepare for flight and enjoy.

The guys who made this wind tunnel made a show in Turin Olympic Games closing ceremony and World Expo in China. The latest work is done in Shaolin Flying Monks Theater.

Bobsleigh and Luge Track (Sigulda).

Latvia is known as Winter Olympic award winner in bobsleigh and skeleton. It would not be possible without strong traditions and development of these winter sports already during the Soviet time.

Sigulda track was built 1986 and it is still functioning as training base for our sportsmen. Besides just visiting the track it is possible to experience entertainment ride with soft bob or summer bob.