Beyond the time

The name of our place is Beyond the time (ārpus laika).

Beyond time you open your senses
to hear birds singing,
to follow four seasons sequence
to notice the nature colors change
to value every moment you spend with your family and friends

How it began

Some years ago there was a wild forest partly covered with swamp. The forest was so wild that it was not even walkable. Our idea of building a wooden dome house there made us believe that it’s possible to make this place beautiful by cutting unnecessary tries, digging ponds to drain the swap water. It took us year and a half to make wild forest into pleasant park what we call today Beyond the time.

The idea of Dome house and terrace

Creation of dome house for us was a challenge. Seen in pictures, read in stories but never experienced. Like a small dream. Our plan was to build and make it public that everyone can enjoy. The idea of green living we project to our dome house that’s heat insulation is done with straw collected in nearby fields. Straw is smeared with clay dug out from our pond. Latvians have built wooded houses for centuries. We want to be on the same path just modernizing it with approaches to design. Dome house made with bent wooden constructions reflect the architecture styles around the world – La cite du Vin in Bordo, Oman botanical garden, Tsubomi Villas by Kengo Kuma in Bali, T-Boutique in Prague, Panyaden International School in Thailand and many other places around the world.

Our Idea Beyond the Time

What is the journey Beyond the time? Chronos as personification of time makes us run according to the schedule set by real world. Kairos in Ancient Greek philosophy means opportune moment. In the New Testament, “Kairos” is “the appointed time in the purpose of God”, the time when God acts. Beyond the time is the moment when you can be yourself stepping out of time frames to listen to your body and mind, may be take off to your dreams losing the rhythm of real life. We have to remember there is nothing ideal in this world. Each cloud, each flower is beautiful in its uniqueness.

Beyond the time is the forest with singing birds, pond with spring water of croaking frogs. We have created an environment where creativity of forest blends with nowadays our perception of ideal environment for recreation.

Today we have completed building of our dome house.  We are happy to welcome guests in the environment where we like every centimeter. We are pleased to serve and let enjoy what makes us happy. Welcome Beyond the Time!